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Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D

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Indian-Kentuck Watershed


Great news! The Indian-Kentuck watershed has been renewed for phase two of its project. There is now an additional $225,000 available for landowners to improve not only their water quality, but the water quality of local people too.

Water is the resource we share with all living things and so it important to keep it clean. We are all living in a watershed and need to take care of the water we have.

Landowners who have issues can set up alternate watering systems, fencing, cover crops, grass waterways, riparian buffers, stream crossing, and much more! These best management practices can save money too. People who apply for the program and show a need may qualify for up to a 60% reimbursement of the cost involved.

Activities accomplished so far:

  • An email conference of interested individuals concerning the watershed was held April 20 – 27. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, face to face meetings are not yet possible.
  • Articles have been written and will be sent to sponsors and media soon.

We hope to hold a public meeting sometime in the fall depending on how the Covid-19 situation plays out.

Feel free to contact us with any thoughts, questions, or concerns about the Indian-Kentuck Watershed.

In 2010, a group of individules come forward to take action to prevent impairments of the Indian-Kectuck watershed. In 2012, the Jefferson County Soil & Water Conservation District was awarded a 205(j) grant from IDEM to study the watershed. The watershed encompasses 97,822 acres located within Jefferson, Ripley and Switzerland Counties.

For more information visit one of the following links: